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Contemporary circus centre CIRKO SAPIENS

The main activity of the centre is the continuous contemporary circus education for people from age 5 and up, as well as for adults. Circus Sapiens teachers are young and professional contemporary circus artists who have just graduated: Kęstas Matusevičius, Lyla Goldman (USA), Aino Mäkipää (Finland) and Džiugas Kunsman, who is already well known to the Kaunas public. Children from 5 to 18 years of age are invited to participate in the general circus curriculum, and adults, whether they have any experience or not, are invited to study individual disciplines in the evenings: aerial acrobatics (silk, trapeze, rope), group/pair acrobatics, acro-dance, juggling and Chinese pole techniques.

Residencies at CIRKO SAPIENS


Contemporary circus centre Cirko Sapiens is developing a residency programme that concentrates on co-producing relevant shows and researching new artistic teaching methods. We hope that is centre will become a place for creativity, collaboration and will lead to cultural and artistic experience. We are offering artistic mentoring, production and communication support through all residency.

The circus centre Cirko Sapiens is a space of 360m2, 6m height, fully equipped to do most of the disciplines practiced in the contemporary circus field. The space has a training space, a place to rest and meet, a restaurant in the same building. Cirko Sapiens is located 5min driving distance from the city centre of Kaunas.

Contact information

If you need a space to work on your new ideas, conduct research and develop your artistic practice, we are happy to get in touch with you.  Let us know your collaborations or residency ideas - write to monika@teatronas.lt or follow our open calls.

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